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Okay, forget the report we had forthcoming on the militarization of space. Here's all youneed to know: The powers-that-be are already on the moon, Mars, the moons of mars, and several solar-orbital space stations deep out in the solar system. The Unites States and Russia are allies and they have been since before World War II. Everything you have ever been told is a lie.

Book Review : Lincoln Vs. Kentucky by G.W.Moody, Jr.

An enormous amount of work seemingly went into this ambitious work by an eccentric Kentuckian. The subject material certainly sounds fascinating enough : Among other things, Moody posits that Kentucky was not nearly as aloof during the Civil War as is thought, and that Abraham Lincoln was an evil, fascistic would-be dictator with a history of mental problems. Unfortunately, Moody never sought a proofreader, because there is scarcely a paragraph that isn't loaded with misspellings and grammar so convoluted it is often impossible to follow. The sentence structure often reads as if it has been poorly translated from another language! Though the book is broken into chapters, the information in this book is presented in a random, haphazard manner that jumps back and forth from one topic to another enough to render it almost unreadable. A terrible pity, because hidden among the bizarre, hate-filled diatribes against Kentucky abolitionist John Fee and the surreal commentary on Harriet Beecher Stowe's alleged "voodooism" and how it connects to JFK's ancestors, there really is a fascinating book yearning to be set free. The book was printed by McDowell Publications, 11129 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Utica,KY, 42376.

So whatever happened to this page?

After an overwhelming initial success with the Apocalypse Ranch page, we suddenly realized that most of the information we were gathering didn't really need to be on our web page; it's not for everyone and the inherent risks of running a conspiracy site outweigh the positive reasons for doing it.

So.....this site will remain online, and will occasionally be updated, but there are too many important things happening to the Earth at this moment to spend much time talking politics. Our advice to you is to stop wasting time with the meaningless terrestrial dreck that conspiracy researchers get enmeshed in. There IS a conspiracy, it's made up of a bunch of smaller conspiracies, they HAVE been shuttling black-op money into Space for secret bases on other planets, they HAVE cracked the human genome and mastered DNA manipulation, they ARE experimenting with mind control, and their plan IS almost finished. Some of the information formerly stored here can now be found at our A-Ranch Ground Zero page.

There have been secret societies since pre-Biblical days, plotting world domination. No one group has maintained an unbroken line of existence, but each group's own myth snowballs with the passage of time and inspires megalomaniacal individuals to pick up where the groups last off, just as the KKK of today is not exactly a direct descendent of the original KKK, it was only inspired by the mythology of the original one. It doesn't matter if the Templars of today are the Templars of yesterday; it makes them no less real. These secret societies have been working hand in hand for years, but the closer we get to the Immanentization of the Eschaton, the more likely greed will enter as a factor and there will be power struggles among the Powers That Be. This is surely already happening.

These Powers That Be have bases on other planets and moons, they have secret space stations, the "Star Wars" defense system was already in place orbiting the Earth when Ronald Reagan first proposed it, There is a Hollow Earth of sorts, though not quite the kind as envisioned by some Paranormal theorists. Most of the Nazi Empire was moved there, and still remains to this day. The Powers That Be have cracked the human genome, they can now create any life to suit with DNA - which is why they don't appear to care about the environment or endangered species - they can always create any plants or animals they want later.

okay, that's enough. You can go back to overanalyzing Grassy Knoll pictures and babbling about Newt Gingrich now.

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